Ripple are a great way to promote XRP, but it seems that the cryptocurrency community doesn’t notice it for a while. Because of the unpopularity of this decision Ripple is not focused on its expansion.

In may 2018 Ripple introduced Xpring. During this time it seemed that the announcement will allow more institutions to see the advantages of XRP, but since then, it seems that this proposal has remained little noticed.

Xpring (pronounced Spring) — the initiative of the company Ripple on investments and grants. Innovation, according to the company, is to provide grants to those ideas, which are headed by distinguished entrepreneurs with a proven experience. In addition, employers receiving grants will be required to use the digital assets XRP and the XRP Ledger technology that lies at the basis of XRP, to solve problems that should be solved by their ideas.

This innovation should increase the adoption of XRP. There are many ideas for solving the financial problems that can be easily solved by using XRP. These ideas tend to increase accepting XRP as payment options in many fields.

So thanks to Xpring, has the potential to accelerate the adoption of XRP in many areas.

We also add that the rate of XRP at the time of writing is $ 0.32 per token, with a positive trend in 0.08% in the past day.

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