Wirex has shared an important update on the volume of trade XRP on its platform, as previously they have added bitcoin to the list of supported. In his official Twitter Wirex confirmed that just 12 hours, the volume of deposits in XRP on their platform reached 2 million US dollars.

Previously, Wirex, which is a British company specializing in providing various cryptocurrency wallets for its users, announced the release of the official Ripple wallet. With the spread of information about this, the company saw a lot of positive feedback, and the mass activity of platform users and owners of cryptocurrencies. So the latest app update Wirex added support for wallet.

As announcements add token from Ripple, the community is becoming more fully aware of the safety and reliability of the coin. There were different opinions and recent discussions about the fact that XRP is fairly limited in relation to its application and use. Opinion, like the assertion that the solutions provided by the company Ripple, especially appreciated in FINTECH, leaving the token less attention, became the subject of debate, since the leading platforms, such as Wirex, announce the support of the coin.

This cooperation, however, is not only a good way to increase the credibility of the token among potential users, but also the opportunity to make it even more available to them. And, therefore, executives would give will take it note by entering into a similar partnership and including, the currency of the lists.

Ripple previously officially clarified the key differences between the company and token XRP. The company confirmed that a token is a specific digital asset, however, experts tend to argue that due to the fact that Ripple currently holds 60 billion out of 100 billion total XRP amount of tokens based on their blockchain, token still cannot be separated from the company.

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