Service provider for cryptocurrency accounts Wirex yesterday added support for XRP. A user under the name kiwixrp on XRPChat found a mention of the support token from the Ripple in the update notification application.

We improve the app Wirex to make it faster and easier to use. To update the app, all mobile users will be automatically withdrawn from their accounts on Tuesday, July 3. To return to the system, you will need to update the app in the App Store or Google Play. The update provides: wallet for Ripple (XRP), faster application speed, and superior efficiency – it is told in the notice.

Wirex provides users with wallets for cryptocurrencies that are associated with debit cards, both physical and virtual. It also offers the exchange of Fiat and crypto-currencies, and payment solutions.

Account on Wirex delivered with a specified account number and sort code, which is available in dozens of countries around the world. The deposits are available in the UK with the use of SWIFT and international transfer using IBAN.

Opening an account Wirex allows users to use a virtual payment card to make online payments using the cryptocurrency.

Wirex also has the functionality of a wallet for the cryptocurrency, which allows users to buy cryptocurrency directly from your account or exchanges. These wallets are protected using the Multi Signature, SSL encryption and 2FA.

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