The number of large partnerships the Ripple continues to grow. Two weeks ago, Western Union is a major player in the market, confirmed that it is testing a technology Ripple. Also in January, the partnership with Ripple announced and secret rival of Western Union in the face of Moneygram. And last week, with Ripple teamed up two banks: Itaú Unibanco Italian and Indian Induslnd and three companies to transfer money, InstaReM, Beetech and Zip Remit from Singapore, Brazil and Canada, respectively. There were other partnerships, but the tests are Western Union and Moneygram have the greatest chances of success.

But despite the positive news the last time Ripple and its currency cause a lot of controversy. For example, in September 2017, tweeted the Creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee has expressed negatively about XRP, substituting into question the investment potential and the centralized direction of the currency from the Ripple. This caused great discord in the community. In Ripple, in turn, said that investment in XRP can not be regarded as speculative.

Therefore, given the ongoing debate about the Ripple and the wave of positive news lately, you have to identify potential prospects for the currency on Ripple.

The most significant effect is that change course XRP is not dependent on positive news, but it definitely depends on the occurred shift of volatility for XRP, unlike other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the recent announcement of partnership will not have much impact on the price of XRP.

However, if the partnership Ripple be successful, they will probably create a furor in the financial services industry, forcing other companies to reduce the cost for their services. Most likely, then it may be a huge increase in the price of XRP, as the partners begin to buy Ripple XRP in large quantities to support their business projects.

Only time will tell, however, XRP got all the hints for a bright future in 2018.

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