The Central banks of Australia and New Zealand said that a positive attitude to cryptogram, but are of the opinion that bitcoin is inefficient and may not be ideal for their operations. It is reported that the ability to deploy their own cryptoprocta they exclude. But the adoption of Ripple (XRP), based on the tone of the statement, it is possible.

First, banks have identified the inefficiency of the payments as one of the main reasons for rejecting bitcoin. There are a few other projects like Ripple that have the ability to improve the efficiency of the Central Bank, because Ripple is by nature designed as a coin bankers. This project is quick, has low fees and is quite stable. Such characteristics make it ideal for transactions between banks and, as a consequence, the work of the Central banks.

In addition, the Central Bank is willing to accept the cryptocurrency, which has received wide recognition from banks around the world, because Central banks interact with other banks around the world, ensuring macro stability. Thus, they will need to use scriptactive, which is widely recognized in the industry and no project is ahead of Ripple (XRP) in this regard. Currently, Ripple works with more than 150 banks around the world. This makes it easier for the Central banks of Australia and New Zealand its adoption and implementation in local banks.

The only project that competes with Ripple (XRP) on this front is Stellar XLM. As Ripple (XRP), Stellar also focused on the banking industry and has a number of partnerships with several Central banks. It is also fast and has some of the lowest transaction costs for the banking industry. Probably the only reason why Ripple (XRP) has an advantage over the XLM, is that Ripple has a wider network.

As an investor, the best you can hope for is that these Central banks as soon as possible will accept Ripple (XRP). Once that happens, the rate of Ripple will have to get a significant boost. In addition, it is possible that other Central banks will follow suit, given that Australia’s Central Bank is influential, and his decisions have consequences worldwide.

Whatever coin these Central banks choose, one thing is clear: cryptocurrency expand the sphere of influence, and the fact that banks are taking greater interest in the industry, confirms that the blockchain technology is changing the world.

We will add, at the time of writing the price per coin XRP is $ 0.46, Ripple rate fell 1.5 percent over the past day.

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