Most recently, technical Director of Ripple’s David Schwartz posted a tweet about the new collaboration, which could explain the recent jump in XRP, which helped him become the second largest cryptocurrency. Schwartz announced that Wikipedia will now be able to accept donations in the form of XRP through the use of a Coil. Coil uses a Protocol Interledger to monetize online content. Founded by a former technical officer of Ripple Stephen Thomas, the company aims to promote the free advertising sites and create new ways to monetize the web site.

– To observe how the accept Coil — priceless. Despite the lack of partnerships, they test your product for the web and the monetization of content on Wikipedia using XRP. After a visit to the website by users of Coil, they can make a donation to Wikipedia – said Swartz in his tweet.

Is due to the absence of advertising banners and according to the site entirely from donations selection Coli PAL on Wikipedia. Platform is looking for new methods of monetization, and the Coli for her. Wikipedia will now cooperate with the Coil to support content creators on the platform. Coil will now allow users the website visitors to make donations to creators of content in a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

However, the company made it clear that it is not yet an official partnership. Yet Wikipedia only tests the Coil and XRP to verify that this is a viable option for the platform.

That day, when the XRP exchange rate has risen to 63%, the adoption of Wikipedia was one of the reasons that led to the jump. However, she was not the only one. The price continued to rise throughout the week, and this news only made the decisive trump card. Another reason that could cause a rise, is the prospect of starting a xRapid in the coming months. In an interview with CNBC Sagar Sarbhai, head of regulatory relations in the Asia-Pacific region and the middle East, said that the Ripple product, which will help to accelerate banking operations, will be ready for launch in the coming months.

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