XRP does not require support from the public. But XRP needed for the mass advancement of technology of the blockchain.

A common criticism XRP varies from centralization of the company Ripple to the fact that Ripple is a private company which is governed by the laws of the United States. That XRP is not like Bitcoin or Ethereum, it is not decentralized and is not going to overthrow the government or banks. And its growth does not depend on the approval or support of the General public.

Ripple offers a service that uses a private blockchain and the digital asset to reduce the cost of cross-border transactions. Their business model is completely independent from the friendly owners of the cryptocurrency. If Ripple is successfully implementing its three technology (xRapid, xCurrent and xVia) in global scale, XRP is valuable not because it is used on the popular exchanges or for long-term speculation, but what will be the role of the price of the currency. To ensure cross-border transactions on a global scale, the total value of XRP should be sufficient for the successful inclusion of these transactions without obstacles or failures. If all goes well, the price of XRP will be tied to the volume of cross-border payments sent using XRP.

And instead of trying to create a new system, Ripple uses the blockchain technology to improve existing financial system. If everything goes smoothly, the government, the banks and financial institutions will see the benefit in blockchain technology, not a “dangerous weapon,” as many believe today.

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