Team Ripple for a long time has not entered into major partnerships. The last big news was that Santander has announced that uses the platform of payment solutions xCurrent from Ripple to facilitate international money transfers. Application Bank is called OnePay FX and is available for customers in Spain, UK, Brazil and Poland.

But what we now know about Ripple?

First, Ripple has partnered with 40-50 Central banks and more than 100 banks in General. The Executive Director of Ripple brad Garlinghouse, as noted in an interview with Bloomberg, said that he does not know the exact number of partnerships that will be announced only in the case when their total will be 200.

Second, recent tests xRapid once again proved that the products Ripple not only cost effective but also reduce the cost of a transaction for $ 2-3, and it takes just 2 minutes. Financial institutions have noticed a savings from 40 to 70% compared to what they paid before foreign exchange brokers for the same transaction.

Thirdly, Moneygram and Western Union also intend to use xRapid further. Most likely, the above-mentioned tests related to these services on remittances. The tests were conducted between the countries of Mexico and the United States. Therefore, it is highly likely that these financial institutions were Moneygram and Western Union, because not too many people transfer money from the United States to other countries, using the banks. Most people use these two companies or even World Remit and

Fourth, Ripple has already shown that its technology for cross-border payments is really one of the best on the market. Already have xVia, xRapid and xCurrent. What else is there to show?

So, why the company remains so quiet? The only logical conclusion is that Ripple is preparing for a major announcement in the near future.

But what is the announcement? This is a difficult question to answer because not too many people disclose sensitive information with regards to cryptocurrency. Perhaps the catalyst for the expected announcement will be the release Rippled 1.0.0-rcl on Github from the developer Ripple C ++, Nika Bogalusa.

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