Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple this week stirred up the media world with a loud news. However, of all three Ripple was very successful.

After analyzing, you can see that the Ripple was very popular last week, with 31 positive to 1 negative article. Also, last week, the XRP exchange rate soared to 0.85 U.S. dollar, compared to 0.79 USD, which corresponds to of 6.77% jump in value. Ripple still fluctuates, but is on a positive wave and oscillates around the resistance level of 0.80 dollar. With all the positive news, let’s see what Ripple is doing.

First, it’s a partnership Ripple with major financial institutions. In addition to giants like SAMA, Western Union and MoneyGram, Ripple now has agreements with FairFX, RationalFX, Exchange4Free, UniPay and Money Match. They will use the platform xVia, which will allow their customers to seamlessly send payments worldwide in a variety of networks using a standard interface .

In addition, Cory Johnson said that Santander will soon announce its intention to use the Ripple platform to process their financial transactions. Previously it was known that Santander will use the xCurrent for your application One Pay FX, but Johnson confirmed that Santander will also use the platform xRapid.

Also at the end of April, the exchange Koinex added the ability to trade Ripple in the Internet and in the mobile app, they will be zero-cost.

In addition, Ripple has partnered with Bank Dhofar in Oman. The Bank will use RippleNet. Head of Department of information BankDofar Dr. Tariq Taha said that adding the technology of the blockchain from Ripple allows you to quickly and safely carry out cross-border payments within seconds.

It is unclear whether the Bank to use xCurrent. The alternative is product from XRapid Ripple, which uses Ripple XRP cryptocurrency to ensure liquidity. However, Bank Dhofar did not disclose any details about the product that he will use.

And, secondly, defended the Ripple digital currency at a hearing in the British Parliament. Key individuals Ripple recently participated in the hot hearing in the British Parliament on the cryptocurrency. Ripple defended the technology of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Ryan Paddock has performed for how digital currency can improve the transparency and efficiency of cross-border payments between banks specifically. The paddock confirmed that this will lead to cost savings up to 60%. He also spoke about the project, which will allow you to use XRP as a bridge between two currencies such as the peso and the yen in international transactions.

However, Martin Walker, Director of banking and Finance from the CEBMa, Ripple was subjected to criticism and questioned its role as a service for interbank payments, calling the cryptocurrency is unstable. Walker also touched on the blockchain, calling it a distraction from the real innovations in the banking sector.

The only thing which the parties agreed is that the blockchain and cryptocurrency should be discussed independently from each other. However, Ripple has put forward an important argument at the hearing, highlighting, as cryptocurrencies are already having an impact in the financial and political world.

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