Ripple and other cryptocurrencies have suffered greatly over the past week. The news that Facebook refused to run the ad associated with the cryptocurrency and break-ins that hit hard on the wallet, caused a huge depreciation.

Bitcoin has reached new lows of course, casually dropping to critical rates, forcing financial experts worried. Bear blockage lasted until Easter, with a slight recovery in some currencies.

Despite this, the report recommended that wall street kept the exchange rate in the United States. However, after this should be followed by an immediate increase in capitalization. Analysts predict this surge in mid-April.

XRP has just started to recover after a week of falling. Recent market analysis has shown how catastrophic was this fall. The report showed that the market capitalization of the Ripple has decreased by almost $ 10 billion. However, yesterday the Ripple was restored for more than 9%, so exchange rate of XRP, at the time of writing, is of 5.41$.

Currently, the rate of the Ripple leads to positive thoughts about his future. This is largely due to overcoming the level of 0,48$.

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