In 2004, the company was founded RipplePay, whose goal was to decentralize the traditional financial system. It was five years before Satoshi Nakamoto bitcoin showed the world. RipplePay has achieved minimal success because the environment was not receptive to decentralized systems. After the success of bitcoin, jed McCaleb, developer of Mt. Gox and eDonkey, took under his wing RipplePay, and then together with Chris Larsen founded what would later become Ripple.

Initially, the name chosen was OpenCoin, which was later changed to Ripple Labs Inc., and then it was just a Ripple. With Larsen at the head of the company and McCaleb responsible for technology, Ripple could revolutionize the industry through a hybrid system that combined the best qualities of peer-to-peer model with the traditional model of one superior platform. Extensive experience of Larsen financial, technology has played an important role in the success of Ripple. Larsen was the founder of Eloan and Prosper Marketplace, platforms, which have changed the financial services industry.

After the initial stages of development of the company, Larsen was released the position of CEO, replaced by Bradley Kent Garlinghouse. Arlinghaus, prior to his appointment, he worked at Hightail, a website for file sharing and synchronization. His leadership in Hightail was very successful, because then the site can wage a serious war against such competitors like Box and Dropbox.

Garlinghouse has become an integral element to the success of Ripple. An unusual approach Ripple, which had a focus on miners and which involves charging a minimal transaction charges, was a crucial element for financial institutions. However, strong leadership by the Ripple Harlinghausen was equally important.

For many years Arlinghaus has gained extensive experience in several well-known corporations. Prior to Hightail, he was the head of the Department of consumer proposals in AOL. He worked in various other areas, including Flickr, Yahoo! Home Network, Silver Lake Partners and SBC Communications.

And his experience is crucial to how people see the Ripple. Although many users are not too important who is the leader, it is important for corporations. Since the main audience Ripple is a financial institutions such as banks and exchange services, Garlinghouse is Central. Financial institutions handle billions of human money and should be confident in the leadership of any platform that they intend to use. There are already more than 100 banks that use Ripple to transfer funds and each month there are announcements about new partnerships. This imposes a big responsibility on the shoulders of the Director-General who need to ensure the smooth operation of the company.

Great experience — this is not the only positive quality Garlinghouse. He has appeared on virtually every business show to answer questions, educate, and shed light on issues affecting not only the Ripple, but the entire industry of crypto-currencies in General. Contrary to what many would expect, Arlinghaus always says positive things and expresses optimism about the competitive cryptocurrency.

Despite the fact that technology is Central to the future growth of Ripple, Arlinghaus continues to contribute to the Ripple. With him at the helm of the users, investors and the community Ripple can be calm for XRP.

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