In a recent Ask Me Anything is the new technical Director of Ripple’s David Schwartz gave an interview to the senior Vice President of product management at the Ashish Birla.

– I think we have the technology, optimized for payment and processes related to currency translation. Ripple XRP is trying to position as a kind of intermediary asset which helps to provide liquidity between other assets. I think that its liquidity and cheapness will cause its mass use, said Schwartz, responding to a question about whether Ripple and XRP to bring the banking industry to a new level.

A similar opinion was Emily’s Yoshikawa, Director of partnership programs in Ripple.

– People tend to think that the blockchain represents a threat to existing financial services but this is not always the case. We provide solutions that help banks to become better, so they can provide services to its customers, much better than now – said’s Yoshikawa, during the TechCrunch event in Hangzhou.

Include Ripple solutions is:

– xCurrent — a software solution that enables banks to instantly send payments cross-platform with end-to-end tracking. xCurrent is currently used by Banco Santander and American Express;

– xVia — the simple API for corporations, payment providers and banks that wish to send payments via different networks;

– RippleNet is a decentralized global network of banks and payment providers are using financial technologies Ripple. Among the members of RippleNet, which is more than 100, there is known banks such as UBS, RBC, UniCredit, Standard Chartered and many others;

– XRP is a digital currency for banks and payment providers, which has good liquidity

– xRapid — product for payment providers and other financial institutions that want to minimize the cost of liquidity;

It should also be noted that the senior Vice President of business and corporate development Kahina van dyke, has experience partnering arrangements during her work at Facebook. Such a partnership is likely to be important Ripple because the company plans to enter the markets of Africa and Asia. The company has already established itself in India.

Software solutions Ripple, and XRP, is slowly but surely changing the banking industry. In the future most famous banks will use Ripple products in its operations that will further accelerate the global implementation of the decisions of Ripple, such as XRP.

We will add, at the time of writing, the exchange rate of XRP amounted to 0.43 $ per token, showing the dynamics -2,71 for the last day.

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