Another investor has filed a lawsuit to block the project, accusing the company Ripple Labs in the spread under the guise of tokens of unregistered securities. In California, the court asked the investor Vlad Sakinaw. Note, this is the second lawsuit against the company. Sakenov, as in the lawsuit previously Ryan Coffey, claims that XRP tokens are in fact unregistered securities, why he and other investors were deceived.

Laws claims that XRP, despite the fact that is known to the world as a token, in accordance with the laws of Californian is a valuable paper. In the lawsuit, the investor argues its position that the company Ripple uses funds from the sale of XRP to Finance their own businesses, open offers XRP to the public, and the plaintiff and the group of users, from the person who issued the claim, we can’t control the rate of Ripple and XRP, so that their investment is subject to significant risks.

Team Ripple has called all allegations baseless extortion. Company representatives noted that it can confirm its position in accordance with the letter of the law.

Recall that such a lawsuit against Ripple a month ago he submitted Ryan Coffey and legal company Taylor-Copeland. Investors who purchased the coin Ripple in the beginning of the year, lost part of the invested funds due to the sharp depreciation of scriptactive.

Last, and on this claim, the Ripple rate reacts negatively: the price for the coin XRP at the time of writing is $ 0,66, reduction per day – slightly more than percent. On the other hand, in the red zone is now the entire stock market: top ten rankings increase for the day only show Ethereum and EOS. Meanwhile, the Ripple continues to enjoy the support of major financial companies, market analysts are inclined to believe that during June the rate of scriptactive is more likely to rise than to fall.

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