Ripple is going through difficult times, although it still holds an honorable third place in the rating of Coinmarketcap. What is going to surprise your investors Ripple, and what secrets does she hide?

Following the recent announcement of a partnership with global provider of international money transfer Money Gram, Ripple has agreed a deal with the two other major players in the market – corporations IDT and MercuryFX. The Giants process hundreds of millions of transactions per year, and now they intend to use the Ripple xRapid platform.

The company is trying to show the world the advantages of xRapid in front of other payment methods. Technology allows banks to improve liquidity when trading in emerging markets. It is noteworthy that this is the only product of the company Ripple, which uses the XRP token (unlike other similar products). With regards to the known list of over one hundred financial institutions – partners Ripple – they all enjoy xCurrent, where the main role is played by blokcheyn Ripple, but not token XRP.

“Ripple technology is really necessary, it provides calculations through currency chains and uses innovative consensus in its network. However, the problem is that the domestic currency XRP is not necessary for the implementation of the goals set for the system, “says Pavel Kravchenko, co-founder of the Distributed Lab.

Ripple has already reached an agreement with American Express, and the company’s executive director noted that the platform has a transforming role. Of all the clients of the company up to this point, using the XRP token, was only a modest “non-bank financial company” from Mexico Cuallix. It was joined by IDT and MercuryFX, which should serve as a good incentive for the growth of XRP.

Success cryptocurrency Ripple due to the belief of investors in the significant asset growth in the future at the expense of cooperation with banks and the ambition to take the place of the SWIFT system in the field of translation.

However, banks have, in fact, are not interested in speculation and hold XRP (market remains too volatile), they are only interested in the money transfer. Therefore, they will strive to quickly get rid of XRP. And one faith of investors may not be enough: without long-term storage of XRP tokens by banks, market capitalization will steadily decline.

However, this is only a theory so far. And in practice, Ripple’s crypto currency boasts another achievement. At the Australian airport in Brisbane (BNE) are going to install a terminal to pay for goods and services located in the cafe, restaurants and shops in the crypto currency. BTC, ETH and XRP are planned for payment.

“Many people around the world are making money by investing in cryptocurrency, and many of these people travel internationally, so it makes sense to offer the services of reception of digital currency in our terminals,” – says CEO Roel Hellmons airport.