A major U.S. credit rating Agency, Weiss Ratings released the results of a survey which asked the community to vote for the best token whose price is less than $ 1. The company announced the results of a survey via its official Twitter page, where she invited users to participate in the survey.

When the company began to announce the results of the survey, it became clear that XRP is the best token. The official results confirmed that the survey involved 5726 users of Twitter. Almost 50% of the total number of subscribers to Weiss Ratings. This demonstrates the positive mood of the community to the industry and the token.

The survey invited users to vote for one of the following cryptocurrencies. The survey included such popular currencies like XRP, Cardano, Stellar Lumens and IOTA. The results showed that 64% of respondents voted for XRP at a time, as only 25% voted for Cardano. The main competitor XRP, Stellar Lumens took third place with 8%, and IOTA received only 3%.

These results show an interesting status update is quite contradictory, in connection with the problems with interpretation, cryptocurrency Ripple. This therefore shows that the leading digital currency known and it prefers the majority of users interested in this area. And this choice may contribute to the further promotion and development of cryptocurrencies.

Add that Weiss Ratings is a major credit rating Agency, whose mission, according to them, is to provide consumers, professionals and institutions with high quality Advisory information. So they can choose how to spend their time and control what went on their investments. The official information on the web site of the company States that the company has access to more than 40,000 investment-grade stock, investment, and exchange-traded funds and safety ratings of more than 16,000 banks, credit unions and insurance companies, which allows us to provide high quality forecasts to their users.

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