The cryptocurrency community is constantly engaged in discussions about what a token is used more than others. And just recently my opinion on this issue was provided by Agency Weiss Ratings.

On Friday, Weiss Ratings expressed support for XRP Ripple, after the cryptocurrency has updated the historical minimum, as the rate dropped to $ 0.25 per token.

In a statement, Weiss Ratings, which criticized those who spoke out against XRP, the Agency stated that they see a number of aggressive actions against the token XRP, despite the fact that, according to Weiss Ratings, the Ripple has a clear idea of how to use cryptocurrency, while other cryptocurrencies not only have practical use, but also often seen in speculation.

Rating platform also added that XRP is helping financial institutions remove the need for intermediaries participating in interbank transactions.

The assertion of Weiss Ratings that XRP is the only token that has a clear scope of use, is controversial, as other cryptocurrencies also have more than a broad list of use cases.

However, this is not the first time Weiss Rating supports XRP. They also said that XRP is the perfect token for a service exchange, in particular for Binance. And also criticized bitcoin as a currency because of its speculative nature, bringing XRP as a example of a good cryptocurrency.

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