Monday was one of the worst days in recent months for wall street, where there was a sharp fall in indices in all directions — is so sharp that some industry analysts predict that nine-year run for profit finally ends. The drop on Monday was so severe that he left the DOW Jones Industrial Average negative to the end of the year, despite the fact that he was one of the best indicators for stock exchanges.

Most analysts of the market of cryptocurrency is credited with the desire of wall street to join the trade cryptocurrency to a tremendous increase in their course at the end of 2017 – when eight weeks almost every Alt-coin has increased in price from 1000 to 3000 percent.

As Alt-coins grew, the exchange is exhausted. The end of December 2017 was generally unprofitable for wall street, largely because of huge losses on the stock exchanges. And because of this, day traders drop everything and decide to make a profit elsewhere. Most likely, the losses on wall street associated with fever in the cryptocurrency, which raised the price of Alt-coins.

However, after growth at the end of the year, the cryptocurrency began to fall in price in January, and the stock markets ensued the frenzy. So while January was one of the worst months for cryptocurrency, wall street was one of the best months in its history.

Around the time when cryptocurrencies started to fall in price in January 2017, wall street continued its pursuit of profit that led to the fact that in 2017 the profit increased by about 25 per cent for all indicators, including the Nasdaq, DOW and S & P 500.

These gains are minor compared to the profits that wall Street is watching the stock market collapse in 2009. Nine years after the last crash of the stock market indexes on wall street have increased by about 250 percent.

But the chase wall street seems to be coming to an end, and this may mean that wall street will take cryptocurrencies into circulation. And Ripple has all chances to become one of the first in this field. Since Ripple has announced that Western Union, MoneyGram and other financial companies have been testing the integration xRapid their services, the rate of XRP took off.

Investors wall street typically make decisions based on the reality of their investments. However, XRP is a currency, which is already used in the financial sector, which became successful thanks to a quick and cheap cross-border transfers.

So the next few weeks can show how XRP is perceived on wall street.

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