Uphold startup announced the addition of support for XRP. XRP will join the already existing list of crypto-currencies, among them bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

According to the Vice-President Dzh.P. Theriot, this step was justified by the survey on Twitter earlier this month, the results of which revealed that XRP was the most desirable cryptocurrency based on user ratings, with 51 percent of the vote from just over 12,000 votes. For reference, in January, Uphold has received investment of $ 57.5. million from a former risk Manager Ripple Greg Kidd, and also purchased the Cortex MCP platform.

– Uphold works on the integration of XRP for about a month. As a rule, we should find partners with whom we can trade, given our system. Because of her, we have to integrate with third-party companies. In the case of XRP is the integration of the new system of the blockchain — it’s not like adding currency ERC-20, which for us was a very trivial said Theriot.

Exchange XRP will be no charge, and may be sold or used in transactions with existing proposals Uphold. These include 7 other cryptocoins and 23 national currencies and four precious metal.

According to Uphold, the next stage of support includes integration with the Ripple network that will allow direct transfers and withdrawals via Ripple network itself. The company said that the decision in this regard will be made in the next few weeks.

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