Has been updated with the extension Tip Bot, created by the community on the basis of XRP XRP Ledger. Tip Bot allows any user in Twitter or Reddit instantly transfer money to other users, staying right on the website. Many call Tip Bot one of those technologies that demonstrate the capabilities of the XRP Ledger, including a 4-second speed of calculation and openness to third-party technology that will be built on it.

Boat is well used by the community XRP mainly Twitter. Developer add-ons Wietse Wind a few days ago released an update that used the application programming interfaces Bithomp [APIs] to display the account name that owns the purse destination XRP.

Bithomp is a web site that provides translation services for XRP, and contains a list of the names of the wallets associated with famous purses. Upgrade occurred in two phases: the first users to see the names of the wallets on the link for Deposit / withdrawal, on the second when transferring XRP was directly visible the names of the account holders.

The developer has also added a feature that is widely used by the community XRP: transfer of funds to multiple users, but considering the limit is 5 XRP in each case. In addition to the Tip Bot, Wietse Wind in July also announced plans to create a secure messenger on the basis of XRP.

In addition, the developer Wietse Wind you know about several updates, which should be out next week and next month.

Additionally, the price for a token XRP at the time of writing hovering around $ 0,32 dynamics over the past day negative as the greater part of the stock market.

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