XRP has become one of the main cryptocurrencies, which are included in the list of supported currencies in the new application for trading of cryptocurrencies Bison App from the Stuttgart stock exchange, second largest exchange in Germany. Support bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum and Litecoin stock exchange representatives promise to provide in the near future. A beta version of the app will be available in digital stores of Apple and Google in January 2019.

The majority of experts on cryptocurrency think that supporting cryptocurrencies on the part of the second largest German stock exchange will be a watershed moment for cryptocurrency in Europe. Earlier, in April of 2018, it was rumored that a subsidiary exchange Sowa Labs plans to launch the world’s first application Bison App for trading the cryptocurrency, which has financial support from a traditional stock exchange. It was expected that it will be launched in September 2018. But the drop in prices of cryptocurrencies and the tightening of the rules regarding the regulation of cryptocurrencies has caused the delay. Now the company has announced via the official Twitter account that it will start with bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP.

Stock exchange also plans to gradually add support for new cryptocurrencies. Users have to go through a simplified process of verification of ID to trade cryptocurrencies. This identity verification process will take only a few minutes. While checking KYC (Know your client) takes a few days on almost all other platforms. This application is a radar tool Crypto, which will inform users about the different trends in the field of cryptocurrency. Crypto can analyze up to 250,000 tweets at the same time, providing information about the mood in the market.

Also XRP is now available as the base pair in Australian cryptocurrency exchange BTCEXA. About this BTCEXA announced today via his Twitter account. At the moment BTCEXA will offer a pair of ADA / XLM and XRP / XRP.

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