Two days ago, the British company TransferGo has announced the addition of support for Ripple, saying that in the future they will be able to use a solution based on the blockchain that will allow you to immediately transfer their funds from Europe to India. However, the transfer will not be instantaneous, despite such Ripple promotion of its products, the transfer will be made not more than 30 minutes.

The founder of the TransferGo Daumantas, Dobilinskas confirmed that the company has established real-time communication with their banking partners in India and now the Indians in the Diaspora can send money real time to their friends and family, or when making international payments with use of the service TransferGo Now.

– We are pleased to be one of the first companies on the market who offer their customers money transfers in real-time. Using the revolutionary technology of the blockchain from Ripple, we can communicate in real-time between us and our banking partners in India, allowing customers TransferGo to send money to family and friends or take a high-speed international payments, said Delinsky.

Probably, India is one of the largest users of Ripple, including XRP, despite the decision of the government and the reserve Bank of India deliberately suppress the growth. Recently, Vice-President of products Ripple Ashish Birla said that their goal is a partnership with at least three major banks that operate in the third largest economy in the world. Thus, they will efficiently capture 80 percent share of the Indian market and will further strengthen their joint ambition for the SWIFT replacement as a solution for Bank transfers.

Perhaps because of this, in addition to service TransferGo TransferGo Now also opened a service TransferGo Free. Unlike Go Free would not charge the tax, but establishes the average market rate with the transfer of funds between Europe and India. And the transfer will take place within three days.

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