The operating speed of a transaction XRP twice exceeded the speed of transaction Visa: Ripple handles 50,000 transactions per second, while VISA reached only 24 000. Information about speed of the transaction appeared in open access on the websites of the companies after the tests.

Meanwhile, the Ripple isolation from any other competitors is increased due to the recent COBALT updates – decentralized control algorithm for a network aimed at improving the existing Protocol, XRP.

The number of banks that want to use the services and functionalities offered XRP Ripple, according to experts, will be even higher than the current +100 financial institutions that already want to implement the technology in their infrastructure. The Executive Director of Ripple brad Garlinghouse said in a recent interview that the system Ripple welcomed so many banks that the company will not make further announcements until the number of modeled reaches 200.

Add, on the background of these events by some experts talking about the obvious underestimation of the Ripple and suggest to look at this cryptoprocta. Note, at the time of writing the rate of Ripple XRP fluctuates at a value of $ 0,64.

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