The Thai exchange and TOK Exchange now supports token Ripple XRP. Since yesterday, traders and investors could Deposit or withdraw money, but active trade with trading pair XRP / BTC just started today. TOK is one of the leading services of the exchange of crypto-currencies in Thailand, and in addition to supporting several other digital assets, such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ontology, Litecoin and others, they have features for enhanced security, allowing traders to decide which coins and in what amounts they wish to save offline. In addition, traders will now be able to access the platform from their mobile platforms, where will be able to exchange digital assets without worrying about security or additional cost. Most interestingly, the exchange does not charge a fee for any transaction.

– TOK Exchange now supports XRP from Ripple. You can start to Deposit and withdraw XRP 6:58 am November 13, 2018 for Western European time. Trading pair XRP / BTC will be available at 2:58 am November 14, 2018 is also on Western European time, – stated in a press release.

Thailand is known for its progressive approach to the area of cryptocurrencies, as they formulate the laws that support innovation and protect the rights of investors, their clear framework allows you to develop and implement solutions that use the technology of the blockchain.

One of them is connected with the system of interbank payments. And as more financial institutions connected to them, especially in the ASEAN region, the part of the problem with translations are eliminated, as money transfers become faster, cheaper and affordable even for small and medium enterprises, which are often in need of liquidity. And this is where Ripple occurs, which promotes their decision in the face of xRapid — payments processing system that uses XRP as a tool of liquidity.

We will add, at the time of writing the exchange rate XRP $0,46 per token dynamics for the past day amounted to 1,00%.

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