Recently, the world trade organization (WTO) released an important new report entitled “the Future of world trade: how digital technology transformerait global trade.” In the report, the researchers touched on the subject of blockchain and stressed that Ripple has a huge potential for transforming our world global trade.

According to the report, the Ripple can radically transform modern manufacturing. In particular on the key advantages and benefits that can offer Ripple.

– Ripple is the possibility to change the existing banking model through its platform of the Ledger. This allows banking institutions to convert the funds directly into the required currency in seconds. Ripple does this cheaply, without relying on banks transfers in the respective countries. The company also has partnership agreements with more than 100 banks and financial institutions. But, it seems, to date there has been only a limited number of major operations using their technology. Banks still check the system, – stated in the report.

At the time of writing the exchange rate XRP $0,46 per token dynamics for the past day amounted to -2.3 per cent.

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