The University of Texas at Austin received a grant from the initiative Ripple Blockchain University Research Initiative and started to create new studies in the blockchain, and related fields. Each study is divided into three sections: technologies of the Internet of things, machine learning and development of AI; In this case, the initiative aims to support any research related to Baccano.

Professor Cesare Fracassi, who oversees the initiative at the University, shared his opinion about the main goal of the initiative Ripple — attracting the attention of the scientific community in the field of blockchain technology. At the same time, according to a press release Ripple on cooperation, himself, Cesare believes that the primary audience of the initiative are the students.

— Fracassi convinced that the initiative is deployed at the University of Austin, should be aimed at further education students the basics of the technology of the blockchain and potential areas of application, so they can understand how things work in this market. He believes that, as scientists, professors of the University are not interested in the development of business and, as a consequence, more belong to this industry, — said the representatives of the Ripple.

Under the initiative, the company gave the University a special grant of $ 2 million. These funds, under the grant will be spent on additional resources needed for research, the implementation of the curriculum and increase the level of interest of the scientific community in this field.

The initiative aims to:

  1. Research and development of technical solutions with the aim of increasing awareness of the scientific community and the number of innovative projects in the field of blockchain technology.
  2. Development of training plans, which will study issues related to bloccano, cryptocurrencies and other aspects of financial technology.
  3. Promote the exchange of ideas and dialogue among students, teachers, developers and entrepreneurs on topics of interest, which should be involved blockchain.

It is possible that Ripple through its initiative also hopes to attract students to the work of the ambitious projects of the company. Among which is the release of a new version xCurrent, creating a new payment layer of the Internet and displacement of SWIFT as the core banking system for transfers.

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