The field of cryptocurrencies are rather contradictory. Despite the fact that the supporters of the use of currencies are very actively campaigned for it, the bitcoin has received a lot of negative feedback and criticism. However, recently, they received a positive response from U.S. Congressman Rob’s Woodall’s, who recently commented on the benefits and necessity of digital assets like XRP.

– I absolutely agree with you that the Federal government must do all it can to promote the United States as a world leader in innovation and encourage, and not stifle the growth of new industries. Of course, this way of thinking should apply to the cryptocurrency, said Woodall, responding to an email user under the name ATL XRP.

The response of the Congressman was sent a request to support the law on the taxation of tokens, under the number H. R. 7356. He said that the bill, although the deadline for its adoption expired in December last year, will be reconsidered in the new session of Congress.

– I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about this bill from the representatives of Davidson and Soto if they decide to resubmit it to Congress this year, said Woodall.

The United States Congress has been very active when it comes to cryptocurrencies, and even members of the Commission wrote letters to the Commission on securities and exchanges. Last year, Jay Clayton, chair of the Commission, pointed out the distinction between digital assets, which can be considered as securities and assets as ordinary assets.

– Current uncertainty associated with the processing of proposals and sales of digital tokens, lets support such innovations in the United States and will ultimately lead to the development of business in other countries. We believe that the Commission should do more to Express its position with regards to cryptocurrencies, – stated in the letter of Clayton.

The letter was drafted after the end of the roundtable on cryptocurrency, the purpose of which was to establish a framework for draft legislation in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

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