Exchange Boerse Stuttgart, one of Europe’s largest and the second largest in Germany, the volume of trade which is about $ 100 billion, will start trading crypto currencies via a subsidiary company with the application Bison. The number of traded scriptaction will include Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin and Ripple.

Bison, according to the representatives Stupartska stock exchange, is the world’s first app to kriptoloji, which is followed by a traditional stock exchange. There is already a prototype version of the application, the exchange announced in April. Fully finished product promises to release later this fall, free of charge.

Bison promises to completely free trade, not stating how the platform plans to make money. The representatives also say that the app will analyze more than 250 million tweets crypto every day, offering most important information to their users, and also to have a feed.

The company also reports that, according to the results of the surveys, investors would like to have easy access to cryptodome market, and the new draft solves this problem: “Until now, investments in Bitcoin, Ether & Co. was not something simple. App Bison destroys these barriers: it is easy to use, the interface is available in German, later translated into English. We significantly simplify the procedures of registration and identification: if you are still opening a user account takes a few days, if you use Bison activation trade will take you just a few minutes.”

Therefore, Boerse Stuttgart became the first traditional exchange of Germany, dared to take such a step. According to market experts, increasing confidence in the stock market the number of such companies will grow. Tokenization will help to create a modern stock exchange, where instead of trading shares of people would trade scriptactive as the digital revolution.

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