Even if you do not so long ago, follow the fate of XRP, you probably surprised by the fact that on the background of good news about the confirmed partnership with world giant Western Union money transfer rate Ripple moved only at a measly 2-3%. While still a month and a half ago a chain of rumors about adding on Coinbase partnership with Money Gram has caused a wave of growth of XRP to the historic 3,8$ per coin. What is happening today and in which way changed the situation? Let’s face it.

First, of course, sell do not need. Especially if You bought the coin more expensive than the current rate. Then it will become clear why. Secondly, it is important to understand that reaching agreements on cooperation Ripple with any Bank does not involve the use of coins XRP: neither in the testing phase or after him in “combat” the use of technology. The technology of distributed registry Ripple, which is for the banking business key value by reducing costs of transaction, it is very easy and easy to work without XRP. Transaction by a special algorithm written into the registry, creates a lot of copies, sent to all participants of the chain.

Thus, we conclude that any success in the negotiations between the managers of Ripple and commercial financial institutions from the point of view of technology should not affect the value of XRP Sundance huge, standing beside him. This is confirmed by the fact that none of the 180 prisoners of Ripple projects for 2016-2018 are not based on the manipulation of XRP and doesn’t need them.

Then what we saw in December and January? Nothing but speculation on the background of a strongly growing market. After the correction in December altcoins headed Ripple much “pumping iron” and a couple of information about the stuffing Ripple set off a chain reaction of purchases of coins on world markets. Now the situation has stabilized, and the market realized that to make a “here” on everyone the press-center Ripple in a dangerous financial losses.

But why don’t want to sell the coin if it does not react even on the major success of their creators? Our opinion is that Ripple is getting stronger every day. And Ripple, as a company, not a cryptocurrency. For yourself from the beginning we considered buying XRP as a way to quickly purchase the shares of the successful future of the payment system, put them in the “fridge” and remember in a year or two that when$ 1 bought an expensive asset. Think, would You in the beginning to buy some “coins” Visa or Master Card?

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