The number of cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea continues to grow, despite strengthening of measures of market regulation by authorities. New rules on opening Bank accounts and receiving deposits in traditional currency is not an obstacle. Today, February 12, Zeniex run, one more to the exchange platform having a starting portfolio 9 cryptocurrencies, including Ripple. According to analysts, the inclusion of cryptocurrencies in the lists of many cryptoamnesia a positive effect on the rate of Ripple.

In addition to the Ripple in the listing Zeniex included such crypto currencies as Bitcoin, cash Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Quantum, etc. Note the launch of the platform was supposed to happen a month ago but was postponed because of the introduction of new regulations on the stock market.

About the imminent opening of announced another crypto currency exchange, Dexko. Currently, the platform covers pre-registration: all the investors who registered before February 25, shall be exempt from fees in the first month of using the service. The launch of the platform scheduled for March 15. On the list of traded Dexko refers to 10 cryptocurrencies, including Ripple.

Also on the South Korean market going in two exchanges of China: Huobi and OkCoin, the list of which only 60 currencies including the Korean won.

After the entry into force of the new rules providing for a system of real-name, input and output amounts in Korean won customers only 4 major Korean kryptomere (Bithumb, Coinone Upbit and Korbit). The rest of the crypto currency exchange not yet able to use the same services because of security concerns.

We will remind, some analysts are of the opinion that the decline in the price of the Ripple was caused by the strengthening of control measures of cryptorhynchus, including the South Korean. At the same time managing Director of Ripple Danny Aranda spoke positively about such policy of the authorities. He said that the negative impact of the measures is a short-term, whereas in the long term, more regulation will have a positive impact.

Now, on a positive news background, the rate of the Ripple continues to show positive momentum.

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