As it turned out, using the XRP Ledger you can start your own cryptocurrency. And now a small group of coders is committed to be one of the first who will do it.

It may seem very strange. First, Ripple is trying to distance itself from the cryptocurrency, focusing on the provision of the Ledger the world’s largest financial firms. Secondly, XRP Ledger, despite the open source code, is not used as a platform.

But while Ethereum is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to launch a cryptocurrency in recent years, a considerable number of currencies looking for alternatives. And for Allvor, a small Brazilian company focused on the optimization of digital payments, XRP Ledger is an attractive option for this.

– XRP Ledger from the company Ripple — the most efficient technology for distributed database ever created – stated in the announcement from Allvor.

According to the company, the main reason is the speed XRP Ledger, but there are a few other reasons. First, Allvor understands that to succeed in optimizing e-Commerce he needs a system that does more than simply regulate the transaction. The system needs to integrate with logistics, office for work with clients and software. Thus, the company launches a currency called “ALV” and creates a platform with which it interacts.

– Ideally anyone will be able to install software or a plugin that will make the ALV payment is possible within 10 minutes. Our task will be to develop software that makes it possible to integrate said Allvor co-founder and employee in the Ministry of economy of Brazil Clayton Domingos.

However, the company believes that the XRP Ledger already offers many advantages. Stated that the technology “hybrid payment systems” of the Ledger makes it easy to configure the global system.

Allvor creates ALV 100 billion, 5 per cent, which will go to the current owners of XRP (subject to consent) on the basis of the amount that they had on March 27.

However, investors are afraid to enter the market. Despite the recent surge in popularity XRP (now it is the third largest by market capitalization), heads of Ripple struggled trying to introduce its own currency major services in U.S. exchange, such as Coinbase and Gemini.

Ripple itself is not enthusiastic about this idea. In their statements, the company emphasized that it cannot prevent a non-standard use of its technology because of its open source.

– XRP Ledger is a platform open source, so people can create whatever you want, but Ripple is not interested in promoting or supporting the ICO stated in the response Ripple.

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