The movement rate and the news of last week gives the right to assume that the week from 19 to 25 February promises a very low-key for the value of the Ripple: the course will continue the slow, barely noticeable growth.

So we have in the Treasury’s key partners include Western Union, the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia, SPYR, and South Korea said that no hard the ban will not be. The exchange rate of XRP responded good movement from 1.02$ to 1.20$, not without the help of speculators with Bithump and Upbit, which showed 50% of trading volume of Ripple in the pair to the Korean won. Thus, we conclude that in February, the coin becomes inert in relation to high-profile news, but continues to succumb to speculators.

At the same time, a series of news, followed by active trading, may well continue on Wednesday 21st at the conference in Mexico city, which for 48 hours was booked up and formed a “tail” of the 600 participants who registered in the reserve. Investors expect that the meeting will be made official statement that Ripple and Visa’s technical case to the writing off of “excess” commissions users of Coinbase. Also there is speculation that Mexico city is chosen not casually, probably, Ripple announces partnership with Mexican banks.

With high probability, the support level on Monday and Tuesday and until the end of February will remain the mark of 1.0$, while the ascent rate will continue at a slow pace due to the already established trend. Resistance will be the level to 1.35$ — above this level the Ripple is very unlikely to be included in March 2018.

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