In its report for the third quarter of Ripple announced that in the third quarter sold 163,33 million dollars in XRP. This is more than twice the sales of the second quarter, when Ripple sold XRP for just 75,53 million dollars.

Interestingly, according to the report, the majority of these sales were caused by institutional demand, where a subsidiary XRP II XRP sent to the amount of 98,06 million dollars. More than half of the total sales or above 4.5 times, compared with the second quarter, where the figure was 16,87 million dollars. Coincidentally, this comes at a time when CoinBase has received a license from the Department of financial services of the state of new York to offer services for the storage of 6 best tokens, among which there are XRP. At the same time in the program’s quarterly sales experienced moderate growth, as they rose from 56.66 to 65.27 million dollars.

At the same time, 3 billion were transferred from the trust escrow accounts in accordance with their decentralization strategy. At the same time 2.6 billion XRP tokens were moved to the new network account where the public can observe the token. At the same time to support this account will be used by 400 million coins XRP or about 160 million US dollars.

On an annual basis, direct and programmatic sales emphasize the underlying demand for the coin at the time when the market is struggling with instability and uncertainty of state regulation. Despite the recent statement of Sagara Sabha that the company is in talks with the Commission on securities and stock exchanges, to help them understand the XRP and Cory Johnson about the company’s interactions with officials of the administration of Donald trump, the company is making great strides to create the necessary infrastructure for business solutions based on XRP.

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