After a hard month for Ripple, investors and enthusiasts have the opportunity to increase their income with XRP. JP Morgan and Western Union said the use of technology Ripple. Recently JP Morgan has announced a new payment system payments in real-time (RTP), offering similar technologies Ripple, while Western Union is currently trying to integrate technology. The news of this led to the fact that XRP for the first time rose to the level of$ 1 on Monday after a fall in the price of the cryptocurrency last month. XRP at the time of this writing is sold at an average price of 1.14$. However, with this new system, the price could rise to$ 3 in the near future.

This happens just a month after brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple Inc., posted a photo of the heads of JP office Ripple, signing: “Today, our office had 15 heads of JP Morgan”.

In January, the General Director of Bank James Dimon in an interview with Fox Business, stated that the similarity between the RTP technology from JP Morgan and the Ripple is very obvious. Platform Ripple, XRP based on, allows you to make transfers faster and safer. Also the blockchain Ripple offers a centralized platform, unlike other cryptocurrencies, which makes it suitable for use in the banking industry.

A statement on the website of JP Morgan says that this product will soon be launched in the United States. But it is not specified the launch date. This news will give a good impulse to Ripple. Since many banks are observing the operation of the system of JP Morgan, in case of success, banks will start to use it. Which in turn will help banks to see the potential and the Ripple system, which is based on the JP Morgan system.

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