The community of cryptocurrency investors looked forward to today’s meeting of the heads of CoinBase and Ripple at the site of the CNBC channel. Waiting greatly aroused the interest of buyers to the coin XRP, which immediately affected the course: the previous two days Ripple showed an increase of 11%, which greatly exceeded the growth of the market.

However, the day before the broadcast Coinbase sformirovan its official stance by publishing it on Twitter: no new assets on CoinBase in the near future will not be added, regardless of what rumors and expectations now lives in the market. “Our statement of 4 January 2018 and remains valid and we have not made a decision about adding additional assets in GDAX or Coinbase. Any representation to the contrary is untrue and is not authorized by the company.” This message can be found at:

With high probability this post was published in order to remove unnecessary pressure, which leads to volatility any coins that promise to add on this American site. The management of the company in December, could feel the wrath of investors in Ripple, who have declared themselves actually deceived after CoinBase dispelled rumors about listing coins. Most likely consequence of these events will be several lawsuits. It is obvious that managers now behave in a more cautious and on the eve of the air does not want to escalate the stop, and maybe even mention this add XRP to the site.

When you see the news the XRP exchange rate has managed to decline by 3%, then the decline will continue as the beginning of the Western trading platforms.

The same news, only to Telegram.

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