On Wednesday, 7 March, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) announced that the cryptocurrency exchange and platform for trading digital assets must now register with the SEC to allow consumers to trade in tokens, which the SEC acknowledges the securities. The Executive Director of Ripple brad Garlinghouse notes that criterion showed a negative reaction to the announcement of the Commission.

In the open “Statement about potentially illegal online platforms for trading digital assets” published by the securities Commission USA, said:

“If the platform podstavlyaet the opportunity to trade in digital assets, being securities, and acts as a crypto currency exchange, as defined by Federal securities laws, the platform must register with the SEC as a national securities exchange or be exempted from registration”. In the Commission’s view, the fact that many platforms call themselves “exchanges”, may introduce investors into the misconception that these platforms are governed by or conform to the normative standards of the national stock exchange.

In response to the market reaction to the announcement of the SEC most altcoins fell in price. Arlinghaus believes that cryptoamnesia platforms have two ways out of this situation — delete token-ICO or simply register at the Agency, and regulation the SEC has no negative impact on the cryptocurrency platform.

According to analysts, it is unlikely that only the SEC announcement only made the capitalization of the stock market to decline by more than $ 70 billion overnight. 6 Mar rating the cryptocurrency market has reached $ 470 billion as of March 8, it dropped below $ 380 billion, March 9 — below $ 350 billion.

Given that most exchanges of cryptocurrency is already well regulated and registered with the Federal departments and public authorities, analysts are inclined to believe that the recent announcement by the SEC is unlikely to significantly affect the stock market in the medium term. Add the course Rippe at the moment is $ 0,76, reducing for the day amounted to 13.17%.

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