People with a confirmed billion dollars in XRP died without leaving the password to access it. Matthew Mellon was already rich to the heavy duty rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but most of all he valued Ripple, investing $ 2 million from his state to XRP.

On April 16 of this year, the Mellon unexpectedly died, leaving all bitcoin, XRP and other cryptocurrency, not leaving purses, which store currency. Mellon spent $ 2 million on the purchase of XRP, because he liked how the team Ripple has worked in the banking system.

– Cryptocurrency market is terrible unorganized and incomprehensible. It’s not the American way. And I’m for America, for normal business and for fair banks, so I believe in Ripple said Mellon, answering questions about Ripple.

At the peak value of XRP as the Ripple in Mellon had $ 1 billion, and now his family can’t find the password for access to funds. Mellon, until his death, spending $ 7 million per month before he was found dead in his hotel room in Mexico on April 16.

Mellon made a name for himself in fashion, and then made his first billion with XRP, but struggled with drug addiction throughout his life. Mellon is survived by his wife and three children.

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