The past week has been interesting for Ripple (XRP). We saw the trade XRP at levels of 0.65 us dollar on Monday and 0.93 for Saturday, April 21. This is a remarkable jump of 43% in less than a week. Currently the price per coin XRP is at the level of 0.88 US dollar. Experts say that it’s okay to trade on Sunday.

Experts believe that Sunday on the online exchanges are less traders than weekdays, and hence a decrease in the volume of trade, as many prefer assets to cash at the end of the week. So Monday, according to experts, will be the day when Ripple has regained momentum during the week. It is very possible that we will see a rate of $ 1 for XRP it next week: experts predict that it will happen around Thursday, 26 April.

However, the state of the market, particularly the stock market, much depends on the news background. Positive information occasions can significantly push the swing up, and negative to cause a complete collapse. One of the recent good news announcements is the concept of the Internet of values from Ripple:

“The emerging Internet of values can radically improve the experience of payments. As well as the speed and access of online information develop knowledge, values reduces the cost of financial services, accelerate the transfer of money and provides access to the most remote parts of the world. Internet values are able to effectively democratize Finance”.

In other words, in the current digital age you can sit in Costa Rica and from there to do business with a farmer in Malawi. Payments chain and smart contract ensures that your transaction will take place without friction, fast (speed of transaction, XRP — 3.3 seconds) and safely, and the cost of goods, services and transactions will decline sharply.

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