The Dutch Central Bank, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), touting the technology of the blockchain Ripple as a quick process that occurs every 2-5 seconds, confirming that “Ripple is much faster than bitcoin and requires less processing power”.

National forum on the payment system, a branch of the Central Bank of the Netherlands, noted that the Ripple is one of the notable innovations that “can improve the efficiency of the payment system due to the greater speed, greater convenience or cost savings”.

Representatives of the forum emphasize that the integration of the payment Protocol, Ripple will allow banks to offer their customers the ability to transfer any amount of money in any currency other institutions, using the Protocol without the need for intermediaries. In the opinion of the forum, this will lead to savings for banks:

“The interest of the banking sector, in particular to the use of the Ripple network, means that its use can grow rapidly in the near future. It is therefore important to follow closely this development and to participate in any steps that might be taken by the banks”.

Note national forum on the payment system is a body which seeks to improve the efficiency of the Dutch retail payment system. The structure comprises the Dutch payments Association, the Dutch consumers ‘ Association, a Platform for users of payment systems Leder (in), Netherlands Association of small and medium-sized businesses, the Dutch banking Association, the Association of Dutch oil industry and other organizations.

The forum meets under the chairmanship of DNB twice a year to discuss how to improve the efficiency of the Dutch retail payment system. This is one of the many other reputable platforms that recognize the Ripple as a component of the future.

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