Engineer from team Ripple Evan Schwartz recently gave an interview in payment systems during the event at the Club at bloccano and crypto-currencies for students at Harvard business school.

Schwartz, who is also working on the Ripple Protocol Interledger, mainly talked about his views on the payment system during the interview. He also shared information about various projects of the company and answered questions about the recent updates.

Answering questions about the Protocol, Schwartz confirmed that the project was developed in Ripple and currently it has a team which works exclusively on the development of the Protocol.

Project Interledger not aim solely to make money. The project does not use a token, or blockchain. It is necessary to standardize the Protocol, explained Schwartz.

He was also asked about the Protocol Interledger and its benefits. On this question, Schwartz said that the Protocol sends packets of data to different information networks.

In my opinion, it could be the network of the blockchain, individual bloccano like Ethereum, and the network of payment channels like Lightning. In other words, Interledger helps to route the payments through them, said Schwartz.

At the end of the event questions about the project related to the participation of the people in it. Schwartz reported that all project details are available on and that the key part includes newsletter, weekly phone calls / Skype, and various meetings.

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