IBM has announced plans to use blockchain Stellar in joint venture with Veridium Labs. The new platform will allow the use of carbon credits as tokens in the public block-chain. The so-called carbon credits in themselves are not new, but a decentralized market can provide much-needed transparency to the process of carbon offset. The combination of IBM-Stellar, according to experts, are able to challenge the Ripple XRP in the global payments space. In this regard, IBM seems to have the advantage, given the vast number of partnerships with major corporations operating in the international arena.

The growing importance of Stellar for IBM is of great importance. Stellar struggled trying to compete with Ethereum. A vote of confidence from IBM can convince future partners that this is a really big Protocol.

According to some analysts, IBM’s participation in the project public blockchains — in contrast to the use of its own private line branch can also serve as a good dose of confidence for a wider cryptoanalytical experiment.

Note, this is about competition, Ripple and Stellar is a long time. The founder is a former Stellar contributor to Ripple jed McCaleb. The first time his new project is worked on the basis of the blockchain, Ripple, however, the project team made a few changes, making Stellar self and looking up at eighth place in triptoreline. Although, of course, Stellar at the moment can not compete with Ripple on the level of capitalization: it only has $ 5 billion at the rate of $ 0.32 per XLM versus $ 26 billion Ripple at a price of $ 0,67 per coin XRP.

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