CEO of SBI Group Yoshitaka, Kitao at the conference “Japan Future Conference” recently said that he hoped that cryptocurrency XRP will become the world standard of digital currency and financial means. During the conference he also praised the technology of the blockchain and suggested that it will retain rapid growth and high adoption rate. Kitao added that the blockchain will play an important role in reforming the global financial system.

Director General SBI also noted that the cryptocurrency XRP is quite effective in the treatment of cross-border transactions and that it will lead to more robust and cost-effective financial system. Moreover, Kitao said that the typical problems associated with the processing of international payments using the traditional banking system, can be solved by using XRP. It is noteworthy that Kitao reportedly follows the development of a set of financial products Ripple from January 2016. This was long before the market capitalization of the token XRP has reached record levels in December 2017, for a short time exceeding $ 50 billion.

Kitao also noted that XRP is the only technology that “was the baptism of fire,” and also said that the cryptocurrency will provide additional support to existing banking infrastructure.

– Analyzing the market, we came to the conclusion that the company Ripple was the only company that provided proven enterprise solutions, and created a global customer attraction to banks, including the largest banks in the Asia-Pacific region. Distributed financial technology definitely transformerait financial infrastructure, and we look forward to its adoption across Asia – said the Japanese businessman.

Commenting on the various uses of the blockchain, Kitao said that the SBI Group wants to bring the technology beyond the financial field.

– There is a lot of speculative demand for the cryptocurrency, so the price is growing so fast, but people need to think about how these technologies are used in real life and how they can improve the business people explained Kitao.

Previously in various interviews the Chairman of the SBI Group said that XRP is not only an ideal digital currency for payments, but also recently said that bitcoin is too expensive and that “people just keep it and hope that it will grow in the price”. Despite the criticism of bitcoin on the Blockchain conference Japan, he, together with Cash Bitcoin and XRP are in the list of SBI currency Virtual Currencies , its own service for the exchange of cryptocurrency, which was launched in early June 2018.

Kitao, is one of the main partners of the company Ripple and he was always an ardent supporter of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. His collaboration with Ripple began in may 2016, and the SBI Group works closely with the creators of XRP in the framework of the joint initiative SBI Ripple Asia. Japan, which has the third largest GDP in the world, amounting to almost 5 trillion. $ always leads to the adoption of the technology of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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