Already the fifth day of the stock market shows a negative trend after the announcement of Google that by June, the platform will introduce a ban on advertising of crypto-currencies. The company is following in the footsteps of another giant – Facebook, who made a similar Declaration a few months ago. Team Facebook has announced that it intends to look more closely at the blockchain technology and to understand how they can seamlessly integrate it into their system, but not yet ready to be a platform for mass advertising and ICO cryptocurrency projects.

Google holds a similar position. The company requires strengthening regulation in kriptonyte, and until then will begin to implement its own ban. Some experts believe that the ban is associated with the desire of the giants to create and start using their own cryptocurrency funds after the market correction.

It is important that the Ripple in this situation stands out. Last week, when the SEC declared the necessity to regulate ScriptResource, the company Ripple very quickly supported this initiative, while calling for cooperation with States in the legal field. Perhaps, in these circumstances, Facebook and Google will be more favorable to Ripple, whose activities are transparent and have a clear plan of action, target audience in the face of world banking community. In fact, of all important blockchain projects, Ripple is the only one who has openly declared his desire to follow the letter of the law. This need for peace of mind Facebook and Google. If these companies consider cryptoprocta as a threat to the financial security of your audience, you might want to promote more controlled cryptoprocta.

According to some experts, the reason for the fear of decentralization lies in the specifics of the business of these companies. Facebook and Google control most of the information on the Internet. They affect the flow of information and using smart strips and other technologies that largely determines who has the right to be heard and who is not. However, in a decentralized world, in which users determine how the information is aggregated and distributed. It is easy to understand why a company like Google would seek to weaken decentralized platform in favor of their own centralized cryptographic solutions.

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