Buy, sell and exchange bitcoin in Thailand now prohibited. The Central Bank of the Kingdom are concerned that digital currency can be used to launder money or support terrorism. Also, the prohibition applies to the creation of a platform for cryptobiina and issuance of loans to customers for the purchase of cryptocurrencies.

Recall that Thailand is not the first state, adopts a policy of strict regulation of the stock market. In early February of 2018 in China blocked all Internet sites related to the cryptocurrency, however, the measures proved ineffective: the traders of the country began to move transactions using foreign sites. United States of America from January 1 this year, has a tax on exchange out bitcoins Ohm to cope with the instability of the exchange rates. Indian authorities have also tightened the regulation of the stock market in South Korea suppress anonymous cryptotrading.

The head of the International monetary Fund Christine Lagarde said earlier that he believes global regulation operations with cryptocurrencies is inevitable. Managing Director, Ripple, Danny Aranda, like his colleagues, believes that these measures will have a positive impact on the course of cryptocurrencies in the long term. But right now, we are seeing lower rates.

Under the influence of the situation 8 of the 10 largest cryptocurrency according to CoinMarketCap are in the red zone. The Ripple rate fell by almost 4% over the past day.

Note, however, that cryptocurrency Ripple in the last few days experienced a recovery after the significant crash, which is also affected by positive news background. Recently, one of the largest money transfer operators in the middle East of UAE, UAE Exchange, said on its accession to the payment system RippleNet, which already employs 100 countries and financial institutions. According to analysts, the price Ripple will be to maintain high values or to go back to him for new partnerships.

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