While Ripple continues to work on payment system XCurrent, which does not require the use XRP, Stefan Thomas, CTO of Ripple and developer Interledger Protocol, decided to leave his position and run your own project under the name Coil. It will focus on the provision of micropayments for content management. But Thomas completely sever the connection with a Ripple – SERVIS Coil will use the Protocol Interledger, and use tokens XRP for monetization.

Micropayments is not a new idea for monetizing content. However, the idea has not yet been realized, since online payments were bulky. However, Thomas seeks to re-introduce this concept as an alternative to the current methods of monetization that annoy users. The Coil project aims to monetize the content through micropayments XRP instead maintain content through advertising, pay pages, or the sale of user data.

Digital asset XRP is still volatile and still has not met expectations relative to the price of $ 5. Coil can be one of the small additions to the ecosystem of Ripple, which, according to experts, provides the usability of this asset. Note, the price for the coin XRP at the time of writing is $ 0,68, Ripple rate shows a decline as all scriptactive in the last few days.

Currently, there are other platforms that monetize user-generated content, professional journalism rarely monetized criptogame coins. The only exception is the startup script Monero in some publications instead of advertising revenues.

The structure of the Coil while it is unknown. According to Thomas, the project “will use Interledger to make the Internet a more vibrant market for applications and content, each contribution will be rewarded”.

We will add, not so long ago the Bank Santander unveiled One Pay FX, dependent on the Ripple, which makes instant money transfers. The application pays in Europe one day and takes one to two days for destinations outside Europe. This app in combination with a Coil, according to analysts, may lead to promote Ripple.

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