On March 28, the technical Director of Ripple, Stephen Thomas and chief cryptographer of the project David Schwartz will be speakers at the conference Slush Tokyo. Information about this appeared on the website of the event. The philosophy of the project is to help the next generation of companies that have the potential to conquer the world. The project is bringing together founders and investors, and seeks to create a global community of developers. 2015 Slush is held in Tokyo.

Slush is a non – profit movement, driven by students around the world. In 2015, the project meeting was first organized in Tokyo and Beijing. In 2016, the Slush has covered Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore. Of enterprises about 300 people in Helsinki, Finland the movement has grown into a worldwide event, in 2017, bringing together about 5,000 participants.

In addition to the events of the global community, Slush is expanding rapidly in many parts of the world. The movement organizes activities in collaboration with the most famous start-up centres on all continents.

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