Ripple announced Xpring (pronounced Spring). Xpring is a new initiative that will allow us to invest in, incubate, acquire, and provide grants to companies and projects that are managed by proven entrepreneurs. Every entrepreneur will use the cryptocurrency XRP and the XRP Ledger to solve the problems of their clients in transformational form.

Senior Vice President, Ripple Ethan Byrd will lead the program developers Xpring and Ripple. Before turning to the role of Advisor in several technology companies, Ethan served as Director of the developer Network Facebook from 2009 to 2012, where he oversaw developer relations from different countries, as well as operations and product marketing for the Facebook API.

– I like to help startups in the use of new technologies and developments for growth. In Facebook we have seen that companies in the field of games, music and news, use our platform to become big business. The blockchain and cryptocurrencies will help to solve important problems, and XRP, given its speed and success in the use of real companies is a great tool for beginners and entrepreneurs to create a business – said Byrd.

Ripple will continue to use XRP to assist financial institutions in addressing delays in global payments. However, such features XRP and the XRP Ledger as the speed and stability make them highly attractive for entrepreneurs who are looking for solutions to the problems associated with financing, developing games and virtual goods, will find application in the areas of real estate, insurance, digital media and many others. Entrepreneurs and companies Xpring will use XRP in such cases.

Today Xpring already offers support for:

– Scooter Braun, owner and founder of SB Projects, which explores several options for using XRP to improve opportunities for artists to monetiziruya and manage their content.

– Stephen Thomas, the inventor Interledger Protocol (ILP), the Creator of BitcoinJS, co-founder TxtBear, which has just launched a new venture company Coil for use XRP and Interledger Protocol (ILP) in a variety of applications for …

– Thomas McLeod, a serial entrepreneur, co-founder and chief Executive officer of Omni, which soon integrates XRP as the currency market, Omni.

– Bart and brad Stevenson, co-founders of Blockchain Capital, which is the first Fund for making capital calls in digital assets, with particular attention to the implementation of innovation in the sector of the block chain.

– The technology of blockchain and digital assets like XRP, give artists new distribution channels and revenue streams. This creates more space for artistic freedom, and I am very glad that our team was among the first in the entertainment industry who will use the technology of the blockchain. And this is only the beginning as we will continue to explore more options of using XRP – said brown.

Team Xpring already checking hundreds of projects and are also ready to consider projects from new entrepreneurs.

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