XRP is not Ripple, and Ripple is not XRP. This was announced by the team itself Ripple through his official Twitter account. XRP is an independent digital asset, while Ripple is the only company that offers the market of new technological solutions.

More thousands of articles, images, messages, and statistics, two brands were not differentiated from the moment of appearance of the token XRP. Today, however, there is a clear line. XRP is not Ripple, and Ripple is not XRP.

Although the company Ripple now wants to be known due to the sale of the software, it largely kept afloat thanks to token XRP for many years.

It seems that Ripple has difficulties with the concept: chief marketing strategist at Ripple Corey Johnson in an interview with The Street spoke on this topic

– XRP is a digital asset that is traded by itself, and which belongs to many people around the world. We have a lot of XRP — we have a lot of money, chairs and computers, but the company is called Ripple, and we sell software, said in an interview with Johnson.

As a currency, and the company was founded by the same people, and the company owns more than half of the currency. But Ripple as a company is trying to emphasize that these two brands are not the same.

Meanwhile, the Ripple continues to hold 60 billion XRP and although the 55 billion are still in the Deposit, some have argued that this indicates a strong degree of centralization.

Centralization is one problem, but others came to the fact that it doubted the usefulness of XRP, given that the main Ripple cryptographer David Schwartz explained that the Protocol could work without XRP. And some of these skeptics believe that the token XRP only exists to Finance Ripple and inflating his grades.

Meanwhile, the agreement on conditional deposition allows one billion XRP to flow into the Treasury Ripple every month, at the discretion of the tech companies.

The problem here lies in the fact that the Commission on securities and stock exchanges did not include Ripple or XRP, or any combination of the two brands in a recent statement on the status of Ethereum and Bitcoin. They still are not investment tokens, leaving many in the financial world in wonder as to why the token XRP was not mentioned.

An adverse decision of the Commission can greatly reduce the significance of XRP and may even cause legal problems for those responsible if the Ripple did not pass the test Howie.

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