The press service of the Society for worldwide interbank financial communication channels (SWIFT) announced that the company has no plans to enter the RippleNet network, which already includes 200 major participants-financial institutions.

Ripple is not going to cooperate with the global payment system SWIFT, in spite of many rumors lately. In November, SWIFT is going to update their Protocol standards, but the update as not connected to the network RippleNet.

We don’t know where these rumors, but the next update will not be used RippleNet. The main objective of the upgrade is that we want to ensure that all payments a reference for tracking that agencies could keep track of what their gpi-payments in real time, — said the press service.

Despite this, SWIFT still uses the technology of the blockchain. The system will use Hyperledger Fabric. On the news about the denial of the partnership was rumored that SWIFT will integrate technology xRapid and token XRP in your payment system, making technology Ripple could use 4 of the thousands of banks worldwide. In addition, it is worth noting that recently the company Ripple participated in the SWIFT Sibos conference in Sydney.

Recently course Ripple was able to overcome resistance in 0.5 dollar and at the time of writing is 0.53 $ per token. Speaker for the day was +0,45.

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