Sponsored by Ripple Swell, the conference was a success in all respects. The company has achieved its primary objective: to notice potential business partners, promoting their three main products, including xCurrent — a solution for payment processing at the enterprise level. And despite the fact that bill Clinton was the main speaker at the conference, it was brad Garlinghouse hit the headlines, thanks to his story about the properties of XRP.

In conversation with the publication Cheddar, CEO of Ripple stated that transactions with bitcoin is 1000 times slower and more expensive than XRP. But instead focused on price, Arlinghaus said that the company is more interested in the technical characteristics of the token.

– We really don’t think about the price. We think more about the technical characteristics of the token. We believe that the transaction with XRP approximately 1000 times faster than a transaction with bitcoin, and about 1000 times cheaper than transactions using bitcoin, said Arlinghaus.

According to Garlinghouse, successful digital asset is one that helps solve real customer problems. This can significantly contribute to the creation of positive attitudes towards technology of the blockchain in society. Needless to say that the decisions of the Ripple making a positive contribution to market and improve efficiency, reducing costs compared to traditional solutions for cross-border payments.

They also recalled that XRP testing has shown that using it companies can save up to 70 percent on costs. This became known after a detailed report on how decisions Ripple helped small and medium enterprises in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe to save costs and thereby increasing profits and expanding employment opportunities for the population.

On October 1 the company Ripple announced the launch of full use xRapid, saying that at the moment the solution would be to use three companies based in the United States. These companies are going to use xRapid to open corridors between the U.S., Mexico and Europe that will accelerate the speed of calculations in the cross-border transfers. Shortly thereafter, the Bank Santander announced that their joint application with Ripple OnePay X will be integrated into the network RippleNet, explaining that thus they want to improve services for its customers.

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