42nd US President bill Clinton was one of the main speakers at the conference Ripple Swell 2018. The event was held on 1 and 2 October. According to official information, Clinton shared his views and ideas about the technology of blockchain and spoke about his tremendous potential.

The former President began to share their knowledge, commenting on this with his previous experience during the presidency.

– Yet few people can use these technologies to their full capacity and it is very important to overcome these problems, he said. According to Clinton, to the extent that, as technologies like the blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotics, will be developed, their availability will also increase.

Meanwhile, he also spoke about the regulation region, which involved new technology. His main idea about this was the fact that much remains to be done in this area. He said:

– You can’t apply the old rules and settings when using new technologies. Because you end up killing the goose that can lay Golden eggs, – said Clinton.

Commenting on the potential of the technology of the blockchain, Clinton said that he sees in this technology the future. This is due to the fact that it is available to all, regardless of national and international boundaries and their income. He also noted that politicians need to work together to make these technologies safe for society.

– Everything can be destroyed by wrong understanding of the technology or the bad policies in the economic and social spheres, – said Clinton.

Clinton attended the conference together with Gene Sperling, his economic Advisor during his tenure as President. They covered a wide range of topics at the event. Some of the key aspects of their report focused on foreign policy and cultural issues that exist in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Overall, the conference was a success. As it was assumed in Ripple, this event was very important for the technology of the blockchain. Ripple Swell 2018 is one of the most important events dedicated to the blockchain. This conference brings together professionals and experts on one platform for discussion.

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